Posting once a day/week in 2011!

I am back home after the most amazing South-African holiday you could imagine!  I wish each and every reader a blessed and exciting new year and may every day be filled with snapshot-moments, adding memories and fullness to your scrapbook of life.

I’ve done all you are supposed to do after returning from holiday and preparing for the first day back at work: I’ve unpacked and restored the house from chaos.  I have emptied my memory cards and sorted my photos on the computer.  I have read all my e-mails and updated my Facebook status.  Now it is blog-time.  Wordpress welcomed me with a challenge: blog every day or at least once a week in 2011.  And I am up for a challenge!

But I am also realistic and have opted for the “once a week” option for two reasons: one being limited time for blogging, and two being your limited time for reading.  Therefore, I promise to share a snapshot with you, at least once a week in 2011.

I hope you will help me in this challenge by subscribing to this page (see right-hand panel) so you know when I’ve blogged, and commenting on my writings, sharing your own experiences and thoughts.

I look forward to a challenging and exciting 2011 with the love and support of my friends and family, and the guidance and grace of my Father.  Here’s to whatever the future may bring!

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