When I grow up…

“…I want to be a T-Rex.”  I had to laugh when I heard this on the radio today.  It came from the mouth of a little boy on his way to school for the first time.  How refreshing!  My second thought was about how heart-broken he’ll be that his dream can’t be fulfilled – that it is impossible to become a T-Rex.  As I type this I realize: that is how all dreams die.  Can you still remember what you wanted to be when you grow up?  Do you remember the colorful houses you drew?  And can you recall when dogs could talk and humans could soar among the clouds with birds?  Childhood is our forming years, our learning years – and our dreaming years.

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We underestimate the influence we have on children.  Specifically on their creative forming.  They draw the world as they see it.  They play life as they experience it.  They live as they dream.  We are so conditioned in our ways that we automatically “help” them by pointing out their “mistakes”.  Look sweetheart, our house isn’t red and blue, it’s a drab grey house.  Is that mommy you drew?  Her hair isn’t really purple?  No angel, a gun doesn’t go “pew-pew”, it sounds “bang!”.  And with every correction we kill creativity, we curb enthusiasm, we convert a little bit of dream into reality.

I wanted to become a psychologist, but test shown “I don’t have enough creativity to envision people’s problems”.  So I studied tourism instead, and now I’m researching the effects of Leisure on Burnout and Stress – pretty much psych stuff if you ask me.  Plus I’m writing a blog, which should at least show SOME sign of creativity.  And I love my photography – also more a creative activity according to my left-brained knowledge?

I’ve always been a dreamer.  I think in pictures – very often cartoons at that.  I encourage dreams, for without dreams we are lost in a world of people pushing and shoving you around, leaving you stand in one place.  Dreams are what direct us, what drive us.  Why don’t you go peek in your boxes full of childhood keepsakes and see if you can’t find some of your dreams there?  It might be too late to change your career, or too late to win the comrades marathon, or to be a rock star – but it’s never too late to live!

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1 Response to When I grow up…

  1. alisonmlea says:

    Interesting that you were told that you need ‘creativity’ to envisage people’s problems… I would have thought that you would need empathy? I’m not sure that you need to be able to put yourself insomebody else’s shoes to be creative, so don’t let that stop you! Everyone’s creative, people just show it in different ways – computer programmers are creative, so are chefs and even accountants (!) but I think we tend to associate the word too much with arty, wordy, crafty pursuits.

    What’s maybe more interesting is what you started with – the idea that someone telling you that you aren’t creative or sporty or whatever can have a profound effect on you and on the path your life takes!

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