Loving every day!

Nope, no travelling today.  I just need to write a bit.  So yesterday was Valentine’s Day…probably dreaded as much as it is loved.  Silly tradition?  Money making scheme?  Opportunity to be spoiled?  Whatever your take on it, I hope you made the best of 14 Feb 2011, because it has come and gone.

It’s funny really, how we attach value to certain days, often without knowing their origin. The idea behind this day was to give people an opportunity to tell those they SECRETLY admire, that they have an eye on them…Be My Valentine = love me even though you don’t know who I am or how I look.  And yes, then it catapulted into a huge red day…

The point I want to make is this: there shouldn’t be a day to love, as we were CREATED to love.  It’s much like having a day to breathe, when in fact we need to daily take breaths in order to live.  Ok ok…so we always love, we just forget to show it?  Why, I ask you?!  Do you forget to brush your teeth as well?  The problem, from my point of view, is that we think we need to show love by elegant, large, elaborate gifts and gestures.  The tendency to keep it “real” and “simple” is trying to stick out it’s nose, but even that is quickly turned into a marketing scheme by the masterminds.

Please understand, I am not cynical and skeptic about this.  I just want everyone to realise that loving and showing love should not be trouble.  Neither should it be a chore, a habit or a mission.  It should just be part of you…a natural overflow of your emotions.  Love everyday, make every (or any) day special…regardless of the date, weather or tradition.

Breakfast in bed doesn’t need to be a big thing – coffee and rusks does the job and gives you that little extra lie-in time.  Sneak a little note or treat into a lunch box, send a “thinking-of-you” sms sometime during the day, or if possible, surprise your better half with a lunch-pack.  Candles don’t need to be saved for twice a year or power-failures.  You can have two-minute noodles and tuna around a candle-lit dinner and it will be a special meal.  I am not even talking about spending extra money, for I don’t think any money can show love.  I just want you to be creative.  The best advice I can give man and woman alike is – listen.  Take note of an important meeting your husband has, and let him know you’re thinking of him at that time.  Notice your lady has had a busy day and suggest to help with the dishes and run her a bath while you put the kids to bed.  Love is caring, sharing, respect and patience.  Love is being there, appreciating, accepting, forgiving and comforting.  Love is a lifestyle.  Love is living.

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