Clean House

Although I am a big fan of this show on the Style Network – I love any type of make-over, revamp or style show – I will not make this post about the actual show.  But I think there is a lot we can learn from it.

I’m not a neat-freak but I believe in ordered chaos.  Although my desk may seem like a mess to you, I know exactly what to look for in what pile of papers.  Until one day that report is not in the pile where I remember I left it, and I freak out.  This usually result in the “order” of the chaos being destroyed and a proper throw-out, clean-up and rearrange session follows.  But have you seen some of those houses?  How on earth do you gather such a lot of junk and then try to live in it, on it, amongst it?

Chaos and clutter has a direct influence on our happiness.  I’m sure if you take the time you will find research to proof this.  But it is kind-off logical and matter-of-fact?  Still, I don’t want to tell you today to spend Easter Weekend cleaning out your cupboards or sorting out what used to be your office but has become a dumping site for whatever doesn’t fit into the rest of the house.  I’m more interested in the chaos in your head.

Not you?  You perfectly sorted out and logically thinking all the time?  Well, you may close this post now, thank you for taking the time!  The rest of you, what are we thinking?  Really, what is going on in your mind most of the time?  I’m not even going to start – people, work, dreams, plans, ideas, chores, important stuff, birthdays…

You run around with all this on your  mind and noises around you and people talking and cars and taxis and craziness all over and you end your day feeling flustered, exhausted, frustrated.  STOP!  You can’t do much about what is going on around you, but you can control your head.  Maybe it’s time to start making lists – To Do Lists, Birthday Lists, Shopping Lists.  Get a monthly calender on the fridge and jot down appointments.  Get a journal for your dreams, plans and ideas where you can channel all your creativity.

And then…people.  How much of your thoughts, prayers and time are spent on people?  Don’t get me wrong, I think people is very important in a person’s life.  But the RIGHT people.  We tend to fill our lives with people not as committed to friendships and relationships, and end up with all the life sucked from us by these parasites.  Take some time to identify the most important people in your life, as well as the people occupying the most of your time and attention, and see how these lists match up.  Maybe your Facebook Friends are seeing more of you than  your family?  Maybe you know your boss’s food preferences better than your best friends’?

See yourself as a house.  See your relationships as houses.  Objectively open the door of every room, scout your house(s) for clutter.  Do you see potential for a Yard Sale?  Do you need to call the Charity Truck?  Re-organize, re-arrange, re-decorate… It might be an emotional process of admitting your shortcomings and failures, of letting-go and feeling insecure.  But you will find happiness in your Clean House.

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