How often do we do it: set a standard for ourself, which others can hold us to. And then they expect us to deliver. I’ve done it often, and again in my last post – had a sudden burst of inspiration, and now almost a month later I haven’t written anything, for fear of it not living up to the expectations created by myself. I did it in school as well. Started primary school out with a bang, and the more I performed, the more was expected of me (by myself, maybe more than by my parents and teachers) to keep up the standard, and so the cycle continues.

So in truth, I don’t have a great idea as I did with the helium baloons floating around last time. But I had to write, to in a way, break down the expectations again. And with that, hope to not lose all my readers out of disappointment, but rather keep them coming back, hoping for another burst of inspiration in future, while accepting that I am only human after all.

I suspect the biggest problem with expectations is what we think others expect of us, rather than knowing they expect. Which boils down to my obsession with communication again. How are people supposed to know your expectations if you don’t tell them? Like, “Honey, I expect coffee in bed twice a week, and at least one bunch of flowers a month.” Only then can you be upset if you always have to get up to make the coffee.

I am tempted to not post this post, as it doesn’t live up to my own expectations. But I have found that I often set my own standards too high, resulting in me “sitting out” on life, in fear of not being “good enough”.

Today I’d like to challenge you: Take a chance – take that shot – and be amazed at what you achieve. Pessimists always expect the worst not to be disappointed.  Optimists always expect the best to keep them motivated. I expect only to give my best, and expect the people who care to be satisfied with that.

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