Let us Pray…

“I’ll pray with you”…or it sounds even better in Afrikaans – “Ek bid saam met jou!”.  A promise we as Christians so easily make.  I can’t help but wonder, is it a promise we keep?

You see, usually this phrase is used when we talk to someone, and they have some pressing matter on the heart.  Maybe it’s a relationship problem, or they could be looking out for a new job.  Perhaps they got bad news regarding their health, or they are simply hoping to get through the month financially.  “Don’t worry my friend, I’ll pray with you.”

It’s easy to say.  Very often we don’t know what else to say.  How do you respond when a good friend tell you her mom has cancer?  Or what do you reply when a colleague lets you know they won’t be at work, their child was in an accident?  We use it to comfort.  We throw it as a lifeline.  We dangle it as hope.  But do we pray?

I know God knows our hearts, and He knows our thoughts, but He wouldn’t have taught us to pray through His Son, if He didn’t want us to spell out our thoughts, our wants, our needs, our concerns to Him.  The words, “I’ll pray for you” is not a prayer, it is a promise.  A promise to make time in your day to really tell God about the people you made the promise to.  It is a promise to stand before God and beg of Him a miracle, or grace, or mercy, or help, or healing, or reassurance, as if you are begging it for yourself.

Do unto others as you would have done to yourself.  When someone assures you “I’ll pray with you”, you trust that they will call upon the Lord on your behalf, really trust Him for your sake.  They would like the same from you.  Let’s really start praying, and stop promising.  For God’s promise stands true:

Psalm 50:15
Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me.

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2 Responses to Let us Pray…

  1. Ek het ‘n knop in my keel… hoeveel keer het ek nie self al hierdie leë belofte aan iemand gemaak nie! Ek bid vir jou… en dis waar dit bly.
    Ek moes ‘n ruk terug ingaan vir ‘n operasie, en ‘n vriend by die werk sê vir my “Ek wil saam met jou bid” – ek het gedog hy maak ‘n grap. Maar die dag net voor ek by die werk ry (en die volgende dag sou ingaan vir die operasie), stop hy my by my kar en sê “Ek wil saam met jou bid”, en net daar, by my kar, tree hy vir my in.

    Dis my uitdaging… instede daarvan om te belowe “Ek bid vir jou”, en iewers in jou stiltetyd ‘n oomblik in te ruim vir die persoon, daag ek jou (en myself) uit om ook die woorde “Ek wil saam met jou bid” in die mix te gooi. Dit was ‘n powerful oomblik toe die ou vir my gebid het. Onverwags, effe ongemaklik, maar flip! Powerful!

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