The Bigger Picture

I’ve been carrying this thought for a while. I’ve shared it with some. I’m holding tight to it tonight. I suspect some of you could use it as well.  So here goes…

I looked around my life one day – kinda as if I was a character in a movie, being able to view my life around me. I was lost. I couldn’t understand anything. It was a mess, a blob, a blurry jumble of feelings and dreams and reality. Something like this:

I was confused. How did it end up like this? I had everything so neatly planned. I’ve prayed about every step I take, I’ve seek God’s will with every decision – I really though by now I would be starting to reap the fruits of all that. I was a bit upset as well. God, what’s happened to me? Why is my life a mess?

“My child, you are blinded by what is immediately before you. I don’t blame you, because I only gave you the ability to see that which surrounds you. But do not fear, for I see the bigger picture. And this blob, this mess you see as your life, is really only a tiny part, a crucial part, in what I see as your life.” – God

We are so zoomed in, so focused on the immediate situations we are in, that our vision becomes blurry. But whatever situation you are in, is just a pixel in God’s picture of your life. Just do your bit to provide quality pixels all the way!

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1 Response to The Bigger Picture

  1. What a beautiful metaphor! What I see/experience is just a pixel in God’s bigger picture.

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